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A creative AND collaboratIVE PLATFORM for your film

Globally Sourced Talent + Crafted with Love


Matterden Collab is a 100% human 'platform as a service' for the filmmakers of today. We augment humans with cutting edge technology.


You can look at us as a collaborator who is a distributor, a post production studio, your web designer, your social media manager, your office assistant, your equipment supplier, your accountant, your editor, your festival representative, your sounding board and more - all rolled into one.

It all comes at a fixed fee + a small commision, so that you can focus and not worry about the costs as most variable factors are combined into one. 

There are very few things in life that give us joy apart from seeing a project through from start to finish. We will be with you from start to finish. In various departments we work with the best inhouse persons and many areas we hire the best available freelancers so that your project continues without any ups and downs right from the get go.

As filmmakers and video creators of today, we want you to express yourself completely and let us stitch various parts of the filmmaking process for you, so that you can move quickly and surely.  

We are in this together.



(022) 2851-0621



51, Anil Chambers,
T2 Airport-MTNL Road,
Andheri East, Mumbai 400072



M-Th 8a–8p
F-Su 8a–6p



All the below mentioned features come with the Matterden Collab plan.
All four sets of Inclusions (A-D) are covered under a single plan. 

Your Team

We do not come in the way of your creative team, rather we facilitate your creative vision. 
You are absolutely free to choose your story as well as top of the line talent like writers, directors, cinematographers, actors, art designers, etc. They are completely in your control and not included the collab plan. Other exclusions are extra equipments that are not part of the features section and required location permissions, if any,
Incase you have a specific requirement and need additional collaborators or equipment, we would be happy to provide support as much as we can. We can also direct you to 'Matterden Collab Partners' who have references of top of the line talent at no added cost. Please note that the partners may choose to charge a fee for their services as per your requirement. 

Rs. 150000 + 5% of revenue

Rs. 75,000 to be paid on registration + Rs. 75000 to be paid 48 hours before shooting begins

After making the first payment here, you will receive an invoice confirmation and we will contact you within 24 hours.