Greatest is the future of all reality.
This is our only long term project.
It encompasses science, arts, psychology and communication.

When a man sees an elephant, an image is created in our brain, 
and when a man thinks of that same elephant the same image is created in his brain. 
Even when he dreams of an elephant a similar image is created in his brain.
The image of the elephant that is created by the man in his brain. 
That image of the elephant from the brain can be recorded with the help of a machine for others to see.
In this manner, a series of images from the brain could be combined together.
Then, to transmit these images to others in a comprehensible manner is the most important part.  

Currently, the size of these machines that capture these images are big.
But they will get samll enough.
An external device which can do all the processing as well as transmission will not be more than the size of our eyewear. 

Once there are multiple users, we would be able to know with more clarity .
This would help in dessimating thoughts with the permission of the said brain.
It would also help to know if there is intense thought given about a particular subject and what actions would be taken place in the future.

The acccess of the brain should always be with the individual person at all times and under all circumstances.

To gain more clarity of his thoughts, to comprehend it, and to make it more cohesive and present his thoughts in the best possible manner, he could use this machine. 
The person should be able to edit thoughts, enhance thoughts, transmit thoughts, delete thoughts from the tool at his own discretion.


Thus, we can conclude that thoughts can be transmitted.