Our mission is to provide creative works that enlighten the world in the greatest way. 


Matterden is dedicated to create spaces that can showcase creative works at the highest level.

Matterden CFC is India's first International Film Centre

We created India's Biggest Film Society - Enlighten Film Society

We are the biggest distributors of world cinema in India.


Films produced and distributed by us  have travelled to festivals and award ceremonies like Sundance, Venice, Rotterdam, Berlin, SAIFF, IFFI, MAMI, Oscars and have won various National film awards along with international film awards. 

We also represent various internationally  acclaimed classic titles in India like 12 Angry Men, Children of Heaven, Bicycle Thieves, Seven Samurai, The Seventh Seal and many more

We have a yearly award and our awardees include Amitabh Bachchan, Waheeda Rahaman, Javed Akhtar among others. 

Enlighten our parent company, is the recipient of British Council's Young Creative Enterprise.

We have also created India's first Virtual Reality film and VR Centre.


Matterden Collab

Matterden allows you to create seamless productions and events without worrying about unnecessary nitty-gritty so that you can create beautiful fully-realized films and videos.

Once  you make the payment, you can immediately start or give us a starting date. 

Once you have decided the concept and the approximate length of your film/video, together we will create a workflow for 21 days of active work with us  plus an additional 10 days if you require breaks in between as well as want time to incubate your ideas.

Once we agree on the workflow, and your creative vision is drafted we begin day 1.

We can do this remotely on phone, email or you can visit our events that happen regularly or you can visit our office too.



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Our Cinema:

Matterden Carnival Cinemas,
(Earlier known as Matterden Deepak Cinemas)
Lower Parel, Mumbai.