Enlighten brings the greatest realities to life.


Our mission is - to create realities that are well balanced and enlightens all.

We have four main sections:






Pranav Ashar is the CEO and founder of Enlighten. He is a pioneer in the field of created realities and creates original VR and MR content and gets the logistics together for the everyday running of Enlighten. He has already created and as well as organized showcases for VR experiences at Enlighten Centre at The Bombay Art Society amongst other venues. He attended the Master’s program in philosophy at the Unversity of Mumbai which he left during the final year to focus on Enlighten’s growth. Pranav started out by founding the Enlighten Society which has been bringing world cinema to Indian audiences for many years and which has now evolved into Enlighten created realities.

Tarjani Bhatt

Director, Social Media